Services for International E-Tailers – Your Man in Europe/Germany

Warehousing, Shipping, Forwarding and Distribution of your ProductsPre- and After-Sales Support for your Customers in Local Language
Marketing, Product Placement & Press Relations
Representation Services (incl. Mailing Station services for the Tourism Industry)
Language Services
Office Services

Acting as your European or German agent, we can undertake a variety of marketing measures on your behalf. Some of the activities we can undertake, for example : 

  • Liason with local language search engines/directories etc. to ensure maximised profile
  • Maintainance of PR-Distribution List specific to your industry and products
  • Issue of press releases to local media (including translation of existing texts)
  • Liason with editorial staff of apropriate (trade) publications and distribution of samples as required
  • Organisation of local advertising campaigns – either on-line or in traditional media
  • Direct marketing contact with prospective buyers of your products
  • Survey of potential market for your products -including assessment of local competition
  • Organisation of trade fair presence and other promotional activities as required.

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