We are proud to offer a selection of services aimed at supporting private traders on a wordwide basis :

  • Middleman Service – We act as agent of good faith between buyer and seller. We can appraise and provide photos and reports on purchased goods, and also hold and release payment to the seller.
  • Collection Services – We can act as collection and/or distribution point for your purchases in Europe
  • Local Liason Service – We can liase and negotiate between buyer and seller (in local language) according to instructions received
  • Middleman Service 
  • Acting as agent of good faith requires by definition a neutral approach.  Any request to us to act in this capacity has to be approved by both buyer and seller.  Our aim thereafter is to ensure maximum satisfaction for both parties. 
  • The seller can ship goods to us for appraisal, knowing that they will not be released to the buyer until payment is made.
  • The buyer can issue payment to ourselves, knowing it will not be passed on to the buyer until goods are either received and appraised by ourselves  to the buyer’s satisfaction, or until any other specified verification is  successfully completed.
  • The appraisal of goods by ourselves normally consists of the superficial examination of products for damage/flaws, and the forwarding of photographic evidence to the buyer. Detailed testing and/or technical or expert analysis of the products can often be arranged as an extra service at the buyer’s expense – the prior approval of the seller is however required should the transaction be however in some way conditional on the results of such detailed appraisals. 
  • Goods are shipped from our premises to the buyer (or in the case of dispute back to the seller) at the expense of the recipient of the goods. 
  • We offer, however, for both parties the possibilty for continued storage of the goods on our premises pending further disposition. In particular our Collection Service is designed for the storage of goods on a consolidation basis for active traders. Goods can thereafter be despatched in one shipment to the buyer, cutting down on freight costs, or can be forwarded anywhere else (should for instance the goods be on-sold to another person) as per the buyers instructions.

Our Fees :  

Middleman Service:

Buyer’s Fee:2,5% of value of goods.Minimum € 10 (ca. US$ 12)

Seller’s Fee:1,0% of value of goods.Minimum € 3(ca. US$ 3.50)  

This includes the holding of goods/payment as decribed above, and the issuance of a brief  report on the state of the goods, togther with up to 3 digital photographs – to be sent by E-Mail to both buyer and seller. Storage of goods up to a volume wieght of 10 Kilo  for a period of 30 days is included in this fee. 

After the initial 30 day period, and in the case of disagreement, goods are normally returned to the seller at his expense. If both parties agree, goods can of course be held for a longer period of time, the costs incurred being charged as below.

Expert Appraisal of goods : Fee by arrangement

Storage of goods (after the initial 30-day period) : Depends on weight and volume weight of items – as per our normal schedule for storage fees.

To take advantage of our service, please E-Mail us with full details of the transaction. Please include the auction reference which we will quote on all communications with both buyer and seller. We also need of course the counterparty’s E-Mail address. Approval from both parties to our involvement is required. We will as a matter of course write to the counterparty should his approval not be on file. No expenses are incurred until approval from both parties is received. We require credit card information from both parties (within Europe other payment possibilities are available). As our Secure Server is not yet available (but coming !), you should send us your credit card details by FAX, or phone us. You can contact us through any of our FAX or voice-mail numbers, or personally by ‘phone in Germany during European working hours.

Please note, this service is restricted to transactions related to internet auctions or or trading. Should the transation not be connected to an on-line auction, we do require sight of supporting documentation to ensure that it is indeed bona-fide.