Services for International E-Tailers – Your Man in Europe/Germany

Warehousing, Shipping, Forwarding and Distribution of your Products
Pre- and After-Sales Support for your Customers in Local Language
Marketing, Product Placement & Press Relations
Representation Services (incl. Mailing Station services for the Tourism Industry)
Language Services
Office Services

For E-Tailers and E-Commerce merchants, we are able to provide an inexpensive European Logistics facility. Basically we stock supplies of your products on our premises, and ship within the European area to fulfil orders received by yourselves on your E-Commerce site. 

This gives the customer, and therefore youselves, several immediate advantages : 

Shorter Delivery Times

Lower Shipping Costs

Pricing can be quoted in European currency

Pricing inclusive of European Value-added-Tax, import duties etc.

European contact/return address in case of support/guarantee requirements

Overall the establishment of an European Logistix facility (which was hitherto cost-prohibitive, and therefore only available to multinationals) can be seen as an essential step in ensuring that your products are truly available on an international basis. Our services are especially designed for smaller and medium sized companies. No huge fees, complications or long-term fixed cost commitments. If your company wishes to take full advantage of E-Commerce opportunites now available on the World-Wide-Web, please do not neglect over 350 million potential customers living in the European Community.

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